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The Lord’s Heartbeat Forsaken

Forsaken First Love

Revelation 2:4b – You have forsaken your first love.

When the body of believers begins to tolerate sin in the church, the church is no longer listening to the Lord’s heartbeat.  It is lowering the standards and compromising the church’s witness.

God is the director and we are to follow His Script (which is Scripture). However, most of the time, we come to a part in His Script and we stomp our foot and say, “HALT”. This part is too difficult and painful to perform.

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First Love, Seeking The Lord’s Heartbeat

Do you remember your First Love?


My very first crush was in elementary school. He was it. I thought he was the most divine human being on this earth. But what did I know in elementary since he did not even know my name much less that I was even on this planet.

My first true love came when I was nine. I accepted Christ as my personal Savior. During this time, several tragic events happened in my life.

Through these events, I began to search what is “Love” and who is “Love”. At this time, church had become a part of my mother’s and my life as we searched for the Lord’s heartbeat.

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