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Does the Lord’s heartbeat call us to be an Avenger?

Elijah, the prophet, Ahab, the king, and Jezebel, the avenger

The second response train to revenge is traveling down the tracks of great calamity is the Avenger. An avenger is to take vengeance on behalf of another. The avenger does not seek the Lord’s heartbeat. The train of avenger is extremely different from the train of straightforward revenge because the avenger wants restitution for the other person as well as for themselves again and again. One of the strong characteristics of an avenger is that he or she is overpowering with pride and arrogance.

Besides characteristics of pride and arrogance, the avenger is a person who attracts the worst. The devotion “Coping with Difficult People” from John Maxwell’s 365 Day Devotional Journal, A Leaders Heart, he identifies seven personality types. Two of these personalities the Thumb Sucker and the Garbage Collector are represented with the individual seeking revenge and the avenger.

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