Arise, Seeking The Lord’s Heartbeat

Today Starts Anew

In Psalm 68:5, God tells us that He is a Father to the fatherless.

On this day sixty years ago, you, my husband of forty years, began a journey of unforeseen winds of adversities. These winds of adversities prepared you for the springs and streams you have had to cross and the valleys and mountains you have had to climb.

God provided you with the love, care and guidance you needed through your grandparents, Harold, Bub, and Artie. They were a strong force of love that words cannot even begin to describe.

                    Bobby, Monica, Artie & Bub

Bub was there as a Father teaching you to have a love for fishing, camping and racing. He and Artie sheltered you from as much as Grandparents could. They instilled in you a love and respect for the older generation that has served you with amazing gifts to minister to and befriend many older Saints of God. They showed you a love that you have passed down to our grandson, a love that only can come from loving Grandparents.

As you lay five decades behind you now, and we arise to start anew and challenging race before us, my birthday prayer for you is that you will continue seeking God’s face for His guidance as your Father.


Happy 60th to my friend, lover and husband of 40 years.